Since Summer 2016, I’ve become an Anthropology student at GSU.
This blog will allow me to keep a record of accomplishments along my path, and serve as an outlet for my ponders, ideas and anthropological arguments. I mostly prefer older to newer, but my interest are all across the spectrum of Anthropology. I love prehistoric and ancient mysteries, the stories and lives of our ancestors, from immaculately crafted monuments to the simple sentimental personal items of our past. I’m enthralled by studying the earth as we have never known it, the world and its cultures and people, and languages… The roles we play and the roles our ancestors played in society, the development of our kind here on earth.

I have many passions outside of history, mostly creative and artistic ones. I had previously studied theater and though I still love the arts, and have side projects, the emphasis in my life has shifted from the props table to the finds table. Happily busy, I felt the need to organize some thoughts and events onto this one page so you can join me on my journey of becoming an anthropologist, creative person, a writer, and passionate enthusiast, whatever the topic may turn out to be in the end.

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Here is another blog I keep: SeedsOfMind