Final Prairie Dig Day

Well, we used shovels and buckets but we were backfilling rather than digging. Today we shut down the site and closed up shop. We had a machine to do some heavy dirt pushing, but we also had a team to gently protect our most precious features before tons of dirt was poured back in. 

We saved this frog from a certain live pit burial. We saved a monarch butterfly egg. If this isn’t an argument for the sensitivity and care we put in to the ecological protection of the site… I don’t know what is.

I would describe it like tucking your baby in for a nap. I think it feels that way because I knew I wanted to see the end and close up of a dig,  that was half the goal. But also it doesn’t feel sad to over it if you know that you will eventually get reunited by this time next year. 

I have never excavated finds like these, and the whole experience was completely worth the trip up from Atlanta. I return home with a few more skills and practice. Though I am not looking forward to buying books, I am taking Honors Eng and Hist classes, so that will keep my mind off digging for a few months. 
Today ended with a sense of having earned the accomplishments. Along with my swag!

The clay was really tough on my muscles, along with the sediment sample… But I’ve been slacking on the weightlifting for a few years. Probably wouldnt hurt to curl a few weights before next year.  

I keep saying next year like my mind has already programmed this plan for next year into the future of reality. I need to get on the logistics now, because next year I want to bring my man/bf/fiance. 

There I go again… 

Next year… 

Next year… 

We drove away waving our arms out windows only to end up at the Welcome Center along with a fellow digger. We hugged and goodbyed, and I love the sense of connection you get from being on such a great dig together. 

The Welcome center was interesting, they had good stuff, but we were ready for a shower and a nap. So we went home, and talked about the whole thing and how to improve it next year. (Next year)  I’m bringing a hammock. Ok maybe not. But maybe for my Aunts house… 

I sent thank you emails to the three Lead staff of the dig. And I have to sleep to get up and catch a plane back to modern day reality. Wish me luck. And, remember- next year… 


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