Prairie Dig Day 2

Day two of the prairie dig at the Middle Grant Creek site (MGC), we made good progress I think. We sieved many buckets of dirt, found some chert flakes, bone, shell, and pottery again, which wouldn’t be that surprising because we had all that yesterday, but this was coming from a new unit we just opened today. The new unit is so promising, it quickly matched the potential for finds that the other two which are deeper and open yesterday.

The deepest unit had been finished yesterday and today we were taking down  the northern most unit, and we are nearly down to that same deep level. I’m excited to think what we will find in the northern unit tomorrow, as today we had a really great rim sherd and a uniface stone tool pop out out of the feature. 

It’s only two days in and I can say I learned a lot, whether it was physical or observatory…I spread my self out between the three sieves whenever one looked shorthanded, and I got to see a lot of .pieces identified as flakes. But that was after I spent a morning taking a pickaxe to a 3 ft clay wall inside a unit. It was so tiring I was completely okay with just sieving all day.  

There were some who were on their last day and some new people. We had laughs at lunch (when I also saw a hummingbird) and break down went much more smoothly today than yesterday. All in all I feel myself settling into the dirt. Sinking in. Digging in, if you will.

We are mostly targeting pits dug by the Indians for storage and waste material, (oh like broken pottery!?) But the new unit was over an anomaly in the magnetometry, so even though it’s not deep, it’s promising, and I’m eager to see more from it.  We had flakes from it mostly, and a bit of bone, so we will have to wait till tomorrow to get into it! 

Here are some of today’s pictures. 

The photo above shows a sherd of prehistoric pottery which has parallel grooved lines, a diagnostic piece of handmade decoration, we know it’s Huber! 


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